From the sand dunes of the Thar desert in the north to the rugged hills of the southeast, Rajasthan’s geography and scenery is as colourful and diverse as its history and culture. This is a region of mighty deserts, magnificent forts and opulent palaces, of colourful turbans and saris, tiger reserves, temples and ancestral homes. Traditional Rajasthan itineraries move between the large cities, which are home to some of the state’s most famous attractions, however there is much more too see in this vibrant state.
Spending time off the tourist trail, rural Rajasthan offers a glimpse into the lifestyle, customs and traditions of the area and experience something completely different. Whether visiting a local school, watching traditional potters ply their trade or joining a farmer tending to the crops, in rural Rajasthan you can experience a way of life that has continued largely unchanged for centuries.
Take a visual journey through what we consider to be some of Rajasthan’s unmissable highlights.

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